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Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks


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One Woman Shares Her Day Through Google Glass. It Seems Lovely, Until The Horrific End Comes!

We all watched some Google glass ad, and it all looks fabulous! but when one woman decides to share her day through it, it seems great at the beginning, but when the day is over, the worst of all happens. If you’re in an abusive situation, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website or call at 800-799-7233.

I feel sick omg

this is so real and so so fucking important

this is so fucked up

though it’s a good point and it’s important that people see it, anyone who shares it should keep peoples triggers in mind and tag this, thx

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Interesting Things in the Games I’ve played so far…

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every kiss begins with ¿que?
a confused spaniard (via artcicmokneys)

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Student Breaks 19th Century Statue While Taking A Selfie

There are a few basic rules in museums. The first: don’t touch the art. The second: don’t take selfies while touching the art.

At a museum in Milan, Italy, a student reportedly broke that second rule: he climbed on a statue dating back to the early 19th century to take a selfie and caused the statue’s left leg to fall off. The discovery was made on Tuesday morning by the staff of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, one of Italy’s most renowned academic institutions, and it was apparently also recorded by security cameras.

So this happened. Use it as a reminder to please not touch the art! (Selfies at the Blanton are okay so long as you’re a safe distance away.)

My body just felt legitimate pain seeing this. I can’t EVEN…


[[Fucking monkey.

oh my god

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Quickie Review: Ender’s Game

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- Transparent Princesses match your blog background! -

if you find that they look cool on your blog you should send me screencaps so I can see too 

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Some of these are real good, gonna have to try them. 

I love this